Gamilaraay artist Thelma Plum has unveiled her heartfelt new single 'Nobody's Baby', a poignant exploration of the complexities of coming of age.
Rising alt-rock artist Somber Hills has released his highly anticipated mini-EP 'K*ll Me When I'm Happy' via Warner Music Australia.
Independent LA-based artist Tess Clare makes a splash with her latest single, the sun-kissed and carefree, 'Jump into the Water'.
After a year of personal growth and musical exploration, Taylor B-W is back, joining forces with drum and bass producer WUFO on the explosive 'Skillz'.
Maria Lane, a rising indie-pop artist, has just released her new single 'Lost', a deeply personal and emotive track from her upcoming album.
Melbourne-based pop/folk artist Ali Lamb has released her debut EP, 'Feelings I Can't Hide' today, and it's absolutely enchanting.
An enigmatic artist with a truly fascinating past, metastarr has recently shared their latest evocative single, ‘Solace In The Storm’.
Manhattan-based singer-songwriter Ryan Atkins, has unveiled her latest single, ‘Infinity’, a stirring ballad about waiting for true love.
Indie trance trio STREAMER has unveiled their latest offering, 'Time Flies By', a dramatic anthem celebrating the fleeting nature of time.
South Australia's Nick Vulture continues his solo evolution with the release of 'Like I Always Did'.
GRAMMY Award-winning artist Alessia Cara has made her return with her latest single, 'Dead Man', accompanied by a visually stunning music video.
Against a backdrop of adversity, rapper J. Irja delivers her latest explosive track, 'Hate2SeeMeWin'.
If you're looking for an album that ebbs and flows, relaxes and exhilarates, look no further than 'Make It Feel Like The Garden'.
Connecticut's Universal Appeal, has poured his life experiences and musical influences into latest single, ‘The Price of Liberty’. 
Ukrainian pop star TANKATAKA has released her new single, ‘Potvory,’ accompanied by a powerful music video.
We recently caught up with Maya Ixta to chat about 'Say You're Mine', her creative process, and what's next on the horizon.
New York's Daniel Michael speaks with us about his new single, working with Gucci Mane, and the importance of staying true to your sound.
Serena Ittoo, the enchanting singer-songwriter from Enfield, UK, has a knack for weaving the universal emotions of everyday life into her music.