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Access Code – ‘Estranged’

  • 2 min read

An incredibly talented DJ and producer who has built a reputation as “The Prodigy Girl’, Access Code is an artist like few others. A Brazilian DJ with a penchant for party music, Access Code hits with a finely tuned blend of fun, mystery, and passion, all wrapped up in a dizzying array of EDM sounds. Today, she’s championing the release of her highly anticipated new album ‘Estranged’, a gorgeous, captivating epic that perfectly illustrates her talents.

Built around seven original tracks, the album is an electro-house saga that demands to be heard, spinning a fine weave of EDM influences, from progressive house vibes, including modern melodies, with more refined, striking vocals and dance beats, typical of the European scenes. Armed with a truly distinctive sound, Access Code shatters current notions about electronic music, allowing her constant search for individuality and originality to guide her into bold new spaces.

Through tracks like ‘Just Breathe’ and ‘Another World’, Access Code builds an intoxicating mix of EDM melodies that are backed by stronger, contemporary beats, spinning a sound that is modern, yet timeless. Elsewhere in the album, she’s also not afraid to show more progressive and rhythmic passages, developed a keen sense of movement and almost kaleidoscopic atmospheres that draw you in perfectly.

Available now on most major streaming platforms, ‘Estranged’ has already become a well-received and critically acclaimed new release, building her fanbase to over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Throughout her career so far, Access Code has been constantly delighting and invigorating crowds, especially in the state of São Paulo, where she has been called to play several times in one of the biggest clubs in the city. Among her accolades, was her entry into the Blue Dream Music Group, a Florida-based record label that Access Code helped to expand with electronic music.

Access Code is currently signed to Blue Dream Music Group and has plans to travel to the United States this year to perform in Miami, Las Vegas, and more.

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