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Aidan Selene – ‘I Cry At Parties’

  • 2 min read

A new creative force who hits like a breath of fresh air, Aidan Selene is arguably one of the most exciting talents on our pages. With a passion for blending numerous genres into bold artistic statements that revel in sharp alt-pop melodies, Aidan has caught our attention in the best of ways, dominating the airwaves with a single so good, that you can’t help but be drawn into its unique sense of wonder.

After first starting piano lessons at the age of nine, Aidan began writing songs and developing her sound, it didn’t take long before she was winning over audiences. After winning the local Haverhill Idol title in 2016, starting a band with her twin sister, and taking to the stage at fairs, festivals, and open mics all across her local area, Aidan had well and truly set the standard for her blossoming career. While her sister left the band, Aidan has been able to reinvent herself as a powerful and wonderfully promising solo star, and her new single, the emotive ‘I Cry At Parties’, proves it to fans and critics alike.

Speaking openly about her music, Aidan has said, “I use my creativity and craziness for stabilizing and making sense of everything that I feel and see as I grow up,” and you can practically hear that in her new single, with every note and line eclipsed in a wave of tactile emotion. Musically, the single is a glistening slice of dark, alt-pop that easily stands alongside some of the best mainstream singles in the charts today, but where it really shines, is in Aidan’s lyrics and delivery.

Speaking freely about the dark, anxiety-laden side of events, ‘I Cry At Parties’ revels in all too familiar feelings, with Aidan delivering lines like “I don’t shake my ass, so I get no attention, I don’t like to drink, so the emptiness, sinks in” with a gorgeous refrain that never fails to draw a reaction.

Delivered with a fun and quirky vibe that hangs over the more vulnerable underpinnings, Aidan described the track as a “lyrical rendition of the night my sister dragged me to a frat party, and all the insecurities that haunted me.”

Available now on all major platforms, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, this is a song you won’t want to miss.

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