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Aleister – ‘Life Line’

  • 2 min read

A talented artist and gifted wordsmith who has spent the last few years carving a brilliant path through the independent circuit, Aleister is arguably one of the most expressive and significant artists that we’ve encountered in recent years. With a string of impressive releases to his name, Aleister has continued to impress fans and critics alike, touching hearts and minds with his unique and wonderfully modern alt-rap sound.

A gifted communicator with a passion for breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health, Aleister has drawn praise for his charisma and control, creating full realised soundscapes that artfully blend free-form hip-hop with soulful vocals and raw, honest lyrics that never shy from the harsh realities of life. While it was his debut album ‘Gaslight’ that first brought Aleister to our attention, it’s his new single ‘Life Line’ that really has us enraptured.

A bold piece that premiered earlier today, ‘Life Line’ is built on a sharp, cinematic backdrop of sweeping digital tones and flowing atmospherics that set the tone perfect. Within a few moments of the song beginning, Aleister hits his mark, breaking through with his usual strong delivery and plenty of flair. Echoed by pin-point percussion that serves to emphasise every bar, Aleister’s word hit hard, capturing his passion and emotive inflexion with crystal clear clarity. Breaking the mould and showcasing his creative vision, ‘Life Line’ has a string of impressive tricks and techniques within, but one of the most effective is his used of spoken word passages that have been soaked in echoes and cast adrift between the verse. It’s a truly memorable way to enhance the feelings of isolation and depression that are reflected in Aleister’s lyrics, and it’s paced to perfection.

When speaking of the new single, Aleister was clear about the message behind it, remarking, “This song is me speaking about mental health in the United States Military. I’ve known many and have seen the impact it creates, it’s also such a malignant topic and should not be as high as it is. I wanted this song to convey the message that ‘you’re not alone’ and there is more to life than this occupation.”

Speaking openly about his own struggles with mental health, Aleister further expressed, “mental health has always been a problem of my youth, even now in adulthood. I struggle every day with self-worth, and I try to convey my disparity through my music. Whether speaking about drug addiction, nihilism or just depression. I hope you connect to my music, hit up my Instagram if you ever want to talk.”

An artist to watch, Aleister has always had a strong command over the hip-hop genre, but with ‘Life Line’, he’s been able to place a piece of himself directly into the music, creating a moving and wonderfully effective single that few will be able to resist.

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