Alpha Circle – ‘Soarin’

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An indie pop project that dates back to the summer of 2017, Alpha Circle have been making their mark on the independent music scene for years. Formed from a whirlwind meeting that saw a group of Spanish and English musicians finding common ground in music, the band have built a triumphant sound that artfully blends slick rhythms and epic hooks into a unique and enjoyable sound that has fans and critics enraptured.

Over the years, the band have been responsible for some truly brilliant songs, like their breakthrough single ‘Phoenix and Butterflies’, a titanic pop-rock anthem which landed in the closing months of last year. Today, the band have once again stepped into the spotlight, delivering a brand-new single that stems from the question, “what’s a dream come true if not shared with you?”

Titled ‘Soarin’, the new single takes a brilliant concept and explores it perfectly, layering glistening indie-pop instrumentals with stark, emotive arrangements. Musically, it’s a single that sees the band completely in their element, offering a perfect illustration of their wonderfully innovative sound.

Speaking about the new single, the band explained, “Along our journey as a band we’ve had some incredible rewards for our labour and the first thing we want to do is contact our families to share the excitement with them. That is applicable to anyone in any walk of life. Whether you get a new job, you’re getting married, a baby is on the way, realising a dream like having your song played on the radio in our case. When you achieve these feats, those who lifted you up, who encouraged you, share in your happiness. That’s the great thing about happiness, it doesn’t need to be yours to be enjoyed. ‘Soarin’ is a thank you to those people.”

Adding to the mix, they further explained, “The idea behind some of the instrumentation was to recreate that feeling of celebration. This was best reflected in the recording studio when the guys were giving it their all.”

Along with the release of ‘Soarin’, the band have also recorded three additional songs for their upcoming EP, which is set to be released on the 27th of October this year. To coincide with the release, the band will also be playing a special launch party gig at Sala El Perro in Madrid on Saturday, the 5th of November.

Check out the new release above, and make sure you follow them on social media below, so you don’t miss their next single ‘Tricky’ when it drops in early June.

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