Andy Macktastic – ‘I Choose Love’

A wonderfully talented artist who has kept us entertained with a never-ending stream of impressive dance-pop releases, Andy Macktastic has been writing, recording, and performing a diverse range of genres and styles ever since he was just a kid. With an ever-changing sound and limitless creativity, Andy has set himself on a mission to bring smiles and joy to his audience, and with his new single ‘I Choose Love’, he’s well on his way.

With an unabashed love of Summer vibes, tropical sounds, and bold, romantic moments, Andy has infused his latest track with heart, soul, and plenty of spirit, creating a balanced and uncompromising vision of his creative and personal dalliances. Titled ‘I Choose Love’, Andy’s new single is an unapologetically vibrant mix of synth tones, simple melodies, and shining vocals, offering a unique glimpse into his effervescent world.

Delivering waves of energy that flow between classic EDM sounds and more joyous tropical pop, ‘I Choose Love’ is a joyous dance ballad that is as sharp and colourful as it is uplifting. Speaking proudly about the new single, Andy explained, “I wrote this song about overcoming struggles and becoming dedicated to finding your inner light again. This is a song for everyone who is going through tough times.”

Built to impress and forge an instant connection, Andy’s latest single is available now on all major platforms, as well as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022.

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