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Andy Martin - 'Dreamworld'

  • 2 min read

Radiating an earnest energy and determination, acclaimed balladeer Andy Martin has returned today with a final single for the year, concluding a 2021 that most would envy. After returning to Ian Haug’s Airlock Studios, he's delivered his finest track to date,the brilliant ‘Dreamworld’.

Renowned for his relatable and empathetic songwriting, Andy Martin delves further into deep-seated emotions, bypassing cursory heartbreak to deconstruct the angst and apprehension of one’s formative years. “On the surface, ‘Dreamworld’ exemplifies a love song about heartbreak… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All the focal points in the song refer to an angsty, apprehensive 20 something year old trying to navigate through his own life. It is about trying to rid yourself of anger and to just simply give yourself a break. I know I’m too hard on myself, but 'Dreamworld' is in essence, me trying to flip the script”, Andy explained.

‘Dreamworld’ weaves driving choruses together with stripped back and sensitive verses. Glowing guitars back Andy’s honest apprehension, before a pressing rhythm section supports the optimistic “switch flip” right through the hooky chorus. It’s evident that time on the road and self-growth have taken Andy from an energetic upstart, to a songwriter able to transmit unparalleled vulnerability, threaded throughout grooving and empathetic indie-rock.

Sun-kissed and wonderfully up-tempo, ‘Dreamworld’ floated into Andy’s mind one afternoon, before bursting into Airlock Studios and beginning to lay down the parts audiated in his head. Prodigiously, he writes and performs with the vibrance of an artist that holds full control of their craft. Able to internally visualise structures and arrangements, it was simply a matter of layering each part in the studio to create the ear-worm that is ‘Dreamworld’.

He continued, “My songwriting process changes for every song… some come together in a matter of minutes, some take a couple of years to come together. My recording process is just a whole lot of layering. Normally I put down a guide vocal/guitar and build off that. Normally when I go into the studio, I have a very clear idea of what I want to put down for all the parts. I audiate all of the parts in my own head and it’s just a matter of locking that down in the studio.”

Still so young, Andy is undoubtedly a ray of light that shines through Australian music. Continued personal and musical growth has set him on a trajectory to be an artist that is spoken about for years to come. ‘Dreamworld’ is just the start.

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