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Anie Delgado - 'Reaching for the Ground'

  • 2 min read

Pop artist Anie Delgado has released an empowering new single 'Reaching for the Ground'. This effervescent dance pop track about embracing rock bottom before growth was co-written by Delgado and producer So Wylie.

So Wylie recently amassed a social following of more than 150,000 after going viral for sampling bird sounds and creating production videos. Delgado continues to grow her social audience with 57,000 followers and counting.

Anie Delgado’s new single is a mesmerizing blend of ethereal sonic soundscapes that takes you on her dizzying journey. Delgado’s unique pop sound is reminiscent of other female artists such as Maggie Rogers, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande with a dreamy and experimental twist. “I grew up in a small conservative town,” explains Delgado. “When I left to move to NYC, I had a lot in me to undo. This song is about the time when I decided to fully commit to exploring myself. I found that tumbling toward rock bottom was an important step to my next chapter. I think it’s a quintessential feeling for anyone coming of age and finding themselves. You find yourself wondering what the **** am I doing? These harder moments are so vital for growth.”

While you may get lost in the hypnotizing beat of the track, lyrically, Delgado talks about shedding her old self and daring to see over the edge despite lacking safety nets.

A music video will be released on Youtube on March 15th, 2023 as a collaboration with content creator Sleeping Loops.

A native of Miami, Florida, Anie Delgado was immersed in a childhood full of her Cuban heritage full of a colorful Latin culture of food, music, and family. Delgado began her love for music at an early age, inspired by artists like Cher, Gloria Estefan, Barbara Streisand, Julia Michaels, and Taylor Swift. After high school, she was accepted into The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, whose alumni include Jason Derulo, Anthony Ramos, and Paul Sorvino. After the rigorous program, she was cast in the 'Buddy: A Buddy Holly Story' musical for a two-month residency at The Palace Theatre in the Dells.

After finishing her residency, Delgado decided to leave the indie film/theater scene in NYC to focus on her writing goals and performing her own music. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles where her talent was quickly recognized as she began working with top producers PJ Bianco (The Jonas Brothers, ARIZONA, Demi Lovato) and Nick Lee (Lil Nas X, Stray Kids.) Since, Anie has released a number of celebrated singles including 'Dancing While the World is on Fire' which was featured in Billboard and her new debut EP 'You Ruined Forever' which was critically acclaimed by CelebMix and Earmilk.

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