Arcane-Gel - ‘CONvol.2UTION’

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An incredibly talented guitar-driven, alt-rap duo from the heart of Bedford, England, Arcane-Gel flew into our radar in August with the release of their 'CONvol.1UTION' EP, a seminal piece of modern rap. Stitched together through spoken word passages, abstract rap verse, heavy percussion, and lingering, cathartic expression, the EP was a powerhouse release backed by the brilliant single 'Stepping Stones'. Now, as promised, the duo have shared the EP's brilliant sequel, 'CONvol.2UTION'.

The second chapter in a four-part series, 'CONvol.2UTION' delivers four fresh and wonderfully original tracks that artfully explore the implications of modern life, both existentially and inwardly. Backed by Arcane-Gel's genre fusing sound, raw, complex lyricism, and evocative melodies pierced by crisp percussion. It's a titanic, guitar-driven sound that Arcane-Gel builds and refine with each track, cutting a path that you'll want to tread time and time again.

Opening with 'Curriculum Vitae', the duo forge an iron-clad alt-rap sound, fading into view through carefully selected audio snippets and dark, atmospheric backing. As the track builds, Arcane-Gel deliver their scintillating signature vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, shifting from powerful verse to landmark choruses with the line "There's no glory on my résumé". On second cut 'Blood and Fortune', the duo craft a more melodic sound, continuing to showcase their versatility and talents behind the mic.

In the latter half of the EP, Arcane-Gel double down on their efforts, crafting a deeply emotive and well tempered cut in 'Rainbow Paint', and a rousing, reflective, slow-build anthem in 'The Shadows of That Tree'. Backed by heavy personal moments that bring power to the tracks, the closing numbers of the EP leave you hanging off the duo's every word and note, seeking solace and catharsis in their sounds.

Speaking with us about the EP, the band shared, "Topically, Vol.2 aims to dissect and examine societal and emotional conflict, turmoil and meaning. Vol2 tackles subjects such as capitalism, union, fatherhood and abandonment. Both lyrically and musically, we feel that we have really fleshed out our individual sound and hit our stride with this release."

A worthy successor to the first volume in the series, 'CONvol.2UTION' sees Arcane-Gel fully stepping into their own space, creating a powerful and reflective record that hits its mark time and time again. Be sure to stream the new EP above, and keep an eye on Arcane-Gel's social media pages where they will be announcing 'CONvol.3UTION' later this year.

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