Austin’s Cosmic Peace finds catharsis through indie grunge with two stellar singles

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Kicking up the dust in Austin, Texas, Cosmic Peace has arrived on the underground rock scene with a rolling, grunge-infused sound that seamlessly blends poignant themes with shimmering indie vibes. While still a new band, the trio has already established their sound, delivering an expressive style that draws from the emotional depths of grunge, the textured soundscapes of shoegaze, and the raw energy of the DIY movement.

Armed with an impressive and potent sound, Cosmic Peace also has a penchant for infusing their music with complex emotions and deeply personal experiences, processing feelings of loss and searching for solace within their songwriting. As the band shared, “Losing friends, family, significant others, and self only through disconnecting and reconnecting in other times or places helped in making tracks.”

The band released their debut single ‘Make Amends’ in February this year, sharing a cascading release that gradually builds, taking over in textured waves of alternative rock sounds. It’s a track that showcases Cosmic Peace's softer, emotive side, revelling in textured shoegaze guitars and new wave energy that gives the song a dreamy, introspective quality. Shimmering instrumentals and steady drums provide structure as washed vocals float above the mix, delivering hopeful lines like “Our friendship can be reclaimed, hang out like those old good days.”

In their second single, ‘For The Loss’, released just last month, Cosmic Peace continues to prove their talents, reflecting feelings of loss and the struggles of moving on. The lyrics, with their repeated refrain of “Keep a moving, keep a grooving, keep a pushing, for the dead” drive home the emotional weight of the track, while also exemplifying their cathartic approach. With its rough edges and anthemic feel, the song invites listeners to join in a collective expression of grief and resilience. Sweeping rock guitars provide a driving foundation, while the rolling melody underscores the cathartic power of singing along to anthems rooted in shared pain.

Through their debut singles, Cosmic Peace extends an invitation to dive into the complexities of loss, grief, and the search for meaning that follows. Their multifaceted sound reflects the spectrum of human experience, from the raw energy of grunge to the hushed beauty of shoegaze. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity and a DIY spirit, Cosmic Peace is poised to be a vital new voice in the indie scene.

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