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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

BASALT announces their emotionally charged new single 'Gesicht'

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Fans of stoner rock, prepare to have your minds melted and your hearts wrenched. BASALT, a force of nature carving out their own unique path in the genre, has unleashed their latest single 'Gesicht', and it's an exploration of memory and loss that will cling to you long after the final note fades.

With a sound likened to the volcanic equivalent of stoner rock, BASALT crafts sonic landscapes as desolate as they are powerful. 'Gesicht', the German word for 'face', delves into a deeply personal theme, and the band shared, "The song is about a lost person and the narrator is scared that he can't remember the face of the person one day." It's a fear that resonates with anyone who has experienced loss, and it's backed perfectly by the music.

The track opens with a haunting guitar riff that builds tension like a gathering storm. Drums rumble with earth-shattering force, driving the song forward, while the bass throbs with a primal energy. Vocals cut through the mix, both mournful and desperate, as the narrator wrestles with the agonizing prospect of forgetting the face of someone they hold dear.

As the song progresses, BASALT seamlessly weaves in their signature elements of drive and fuzz. The distortion isn't mere aggression – it's a raw expression of pain and the overwhelming desire to hold onto fleeting memories. 'Gesicht' is a testament to BASALT's ability to translate complex emotions into scorching, cathartic musical experiences.

While 'Gesicht' plunges listeners into the depths of despair, there's a flicker of hope within the darkness. The band's relentless sonic intensity is a form of preservation itself - a primal scream against the fading of memory. Prepare yourself for an emotionally charged and sonically explosive journey with BASALT's 'Gesicht'. This is stoner rock with a heart, and it will stay with you long after the final riff.

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