Beatzbybluntz – ‘Swanger (feat. Phidizz)‘

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When it comes to music these days, you’ve either got to spin a good gimmick or be able to write a damn good single. Thankfully, when it comes to Beatzbybluntz, is mostly definitely the latter.

A talented producer born and bred in the UK, Beatzbybluntz began as a member of the infamous rap collective, Smokes n Bluntz, a dynamic group who made their mark through a deft combination of hard-hitting beats and universal lyrics. A true talent in his own right, Beatzbybluntz refined his producing and sound engineering skills throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, cutting his teeth among a growing wave of talents like Styles P, Bully from D Block, Jea Hood, and many more. Now a solo artist, Beatzbybluntz is continuing to impress, releasing a maelstrom of quality hip-hop tracks like ‘Swanger’.

Featuring fellow rising star Phidizz, the new single is a defiant blend of old school beats and new school sounds, mixing sounds from the golden age of rap with a true contemporary vibe. Released only days ago, and already with an impressive 6,000 streams on Spotify, ‘Swanger’ emphasises the reality behind Beatzbybluntz’s sound, layering killer beats with melodic RnB flourishes and homegrown truths.

A modern hip-hop classic that shines with evocative textures and unmistakable appeal, ‘Swanger’ is an essential new release for all hip-hop and RnB fans. Check it out below on Spotify, and tune into our hip-hop playlists where you’ll find ‘Swanger’ and all the best anthems of 2020 so far.

A short and bittersweet release, ‘Swanger’ is available now on all major platforms. Be sure to check out Beatzbybluntz on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well so you ever miss a release from one of the UK’s hottest independent producers.

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