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Bec Sandridge - 'Lost Dog'

  • 2 min read

Traversing her own way of luxe indie-pop, Bec Sandridge today unveils her five track EP 'Lost Dog'. It features the anthemic ‘Cost Of Love’, and her current synth-driven single ‘The Jetty' featuring Andy Bull.  Presenting an electric sonic union of songwriters and musicians, Bec worked with some of her closest friends on the new EP. 

The EP showcases Sandridge’s interest in gritty yet slick production palettes and demonstrates her overall versatility as a songwriter. Her cutting pop sensibilities coupled with expansive vocals, consume the listener wholeheartedly.

Speaking about the release, Bec explained, “I’m incredibly thrilled with how these songs have turned out and I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of my favourite people on these songs, people that have true insight into my sonic brain. Dave Jenkins Jr, Lucy Taylor, Andy Bull, Geoff Swan, Japanese Wallpaper, Rosie Fitzgerald, Dorny Mayes, Tony Buchen - such a dream team!”

New track  ‘Easy To Go Bad’  serves a glimpse into the new creative space Becis in: the song is intimate, dark and compelling. She adds, “This one’s about the trick of nostalgia. It’s far too easy to go back to something that feels like home… Nonetheless, this is potentially my favourite on the EP. For me, it embodies that disgusting feeling of being trapped in a stuffy-car, all day, with a stomach ache.”

Effortlessly switching from indie guitar pop to experimental electro landscapes, her new EP was mastered by Lachlan Carrick (Doja Cat, Gotye, Gretta Ray).

Bec continued, “I was a bit of a lost dog, myself and I also lost my dog. This EP is a snapshot of that time. The goal was to take time and write my best songs to date… On my debut record, I felt that I hadn't gone as far as I could in terms of angularity and the whole gloss-pop thing. I wanted to really sit in that pocket... To me, this lot of songs feels like driving into a sunset, no sunglasses, with an ache in the pit of your stomach (potentially a hangover): it’s sickeningly beautiful, temporarily blinding and also, signifying the end of a big ol’ chapter."

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