Bec Sandridge - 'The Jetty'

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The talented Bec Sandridge has shared her latest release, ‘The Jetty’ featuring Andy Bull, the second track lifted from the forthcoming 'Lost Dog' EP. A stunning new single, ‘The Jetty’ follows on from ‘Cost Of Love’ released earlier this year the track showcases shuffling drums, hooky guitars reminiscent of the late 70s and of course Sandridge’s unmistakable voice.

Speaking about the new single, Bec Sandridge explained,“‘The Jetty’ was written about falling off a Jetty in Naoshima, Japan. My ex-partner fell in and I attempted to pull her out. Hilariously, I also fell in (passports, phone, paper-money were all completely gone)... This felt like the perfect analogy for our relationship - losing ourselves and each-other, whilst trying to salvage every last water-damaged object that we had on us. I guess, this one asks the sea-sick question: ‘is there something (or someone) else out there?”

“Initially, Andy came into the studio to play synths on the track. I was beyond honored when he asked if he could sing on the track as well. I’ve been a big Andy Bull fan for a very long time and completely adore what he does vocally, lyrically and in particular, all of the synth sounds he uses. Dave (Jenkins Jr) had the genius idea that we make the track a Joni Mitchell-esque Snakes and Ladders duet whereby Andy kinda drops in and out of the second verse in a non-linear kinda of way - which I love. An old collaborator, Tony Buchen also did some additional production on the track, which was a nice full-circle moment…”

Having just wrapped up an Australian tour in support of ‘Cost Of Love’ Sandridge last week announced she will be heading over to tour the UK and Europe in September playing shows in London, Brighton, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Haldern and showcasing at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. Tickets on sale now. 

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