Ben McGuinness - ‘Seasick’

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A rising singer and songwriter from Glasgow, Ben McGuinness has recently shared his first release of the year, following brilliantly in the footsteps of 2023’s ‘Old Town’ EP. Available now, ‘Seasick’ is an impressive re-introduction to Ben’s authentic style, delving into his struggles with mental health while serving in the Royal Navy.

At just 23 years old,Ben has already performed around the world, playing drums and gigging for several years with his last band, Sweet November. Since then, he has been carving out his own path through the music scene, channeling his influences of Jason Isbell, The Beatles, and Foo Fighters into his own indie rock sound. After impressing fans and critics alike with the release of ‘Old Town’, Ben has delivered a brilliant follow-up single that is sure to impress.

Titled ‘Seasick’, the new single is a personal anthem, blurring the lines between heavy, accessible rock sounds and more nuanced, lyrical content. Through scintillating guitarwork, Ben conjures up a magical track, singing passionately about his experiences and mental health, while delivering a sound akin to that of Sam Fender and Andrew Cushin. It's instantly engaging, grabbing your attention and never letting go, while Ben's honest lyrics and passionate delivery elevate every heart-pounding moment.

Speaking about the single, “'Seasick' is my first release since my EP 'Old Town' in 2021 and is a driving, energetic song about being disillusioned with your situation and wanting back the freedom to live your life again. It was written during my last few months in the Royal Navy, when the system around me was starting to have a toll on my mental health. Those thoughts and feelings at the time were put straight to paper and I think you can feel that through the raw lyrics. As with my last release, all the parts were recorded by myself with an additional guitar part added by my friend and producer Callum.”

A brilliant single that announces Ben as one of the new year’s artists to watch, ‘Seasick’ is an ensnaring and all too relatable cut that will have you singing along for days to come. For more from Ben, be sure to check out his Spotify page below, along with his various social media pages.

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