Big Homie makes his mark as one of the freshest hip-hop talents with ‘This Is Not About You’

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A new breed of hip-hop artist who first entered the music scene in 2020, Big Homie wasted no time in making his mark. With a string of impressive and innovative releases to his name, including ‘Sunlight Soaked The Room’ and ‘Before I Go’, Big Homie is easily one of the most exciting independent talents of the last few years. 

Earlier this month, Big Homie announced the release of his latest, and arguably most expansive project to date, the eighteen-track anthology of ‘This Is Not About You’. Released under the guidance of Ahava Sol and Caveman from TetraHedronCrew, the new record is a captivating and undeniable illustration of Big Homie’s skills, lashing out with sharp, poetic verse, contemporary hip-hop beats, and bold musical tapestries.

Opening with ‘WYA’, Big Homie launches into some stunning experimental vibes built around syncopated synths, sweeping audio snippets, and luscious vocal harmonies. It’s an instantly engaging opening line, with Big Homie rising from the choir-like backing vocals to deliver a masterclass in modern hip-hop. With poetic lyrics, authentic delivery, and a sharp creative spark, it’s one of the best hip-hop openers of the last few years, and it’s just the beginning.

As the album pushes forward, ‘First Class’ sees Big Homie seamlessly changing his tact to smooth RnB vibes and spoken word passages, remarking on the joys of first class travel as lush keys and joyous sounds shine in the background. On ‘Great!’ Big Homie treats us to joyous synths matched with fierce delivery, showcasing his raw and bravely honest lyrics in perfect form, while ‘21’ backs it all up perfectly with acoustic guitar chords, smooth production, and an intimate, soulful feel. It’s in tracks like that where Big Homie’s passion and heartfelt approach to his music really shows, adding a dimension that hits harder and harder with every listen.

As the album progresses, Ahava Sol and Caveman enter the fray, making their respective marks with clever interludes and on ‘Blackout’ and ‘Runaway’ respectively. A collection of tracks where every artist makes their mark, they break the album up perfectly, delivering new styles and character while staying true to the overall themes and tones of the album.

An album where there are too many highlights to talk about, ‘This Is Not About You’ finally comes to a close with the soft and melodic ‘September Nights’, and the seven-minute epic of ‘911 (fin)’. With ‘September Nights’, Big Homie creates a gorgeous, reflective track, blending tempered beats and calling vocals with introspective lines like, “I’m not perfect, but I plan to work through all the things that had me acting like a damn fool.” On the other side, ‘911 (fin)’ is a perfect culmination of everything that Big Homie has worked through in the album, showcasing his full range of talents and ending on high that stays with you for long, long time.

Fuelled by free, creative expression, raw, authentic experiences, and a seemingly limitless passion, ‘This Is Not About You’ sets Big Homie miles ahead of his peers, championing a talent that deserves to be seen and heard.

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