Blind Man's Daughter shares trap-infused new single 'Close Enough To Whisper'

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Fans of Blind Man's Daughter are in for a sonic surprise as the artist unveils 'Close Enough to Whisper', the lead single from her highly anticipated sophomore record. Marking a bold stylistic evolution, the track masterfully blends the raw energy of trap beats with progressive guitar flourishes, all underscored by her signature, sultry vocals.

Arriving as a testament to the creativity behind Blind Man's Daughter, as well as her artistic growth and willingness to experiment, the new single is an unexpected fusion of genres, layering sounds to create a captivating soundscape that is both edgy and alluring. From the opening tones, listeners are treated to a dynamic tapestry of sound, showcasing her dynamic range and undeniable talent.

The new single was recorded at Blind Man's Daughter's studio with mix and mastering engineer Bobby Balow, the new single combines trap-style rhythms, with progressive guitar lines and smooth, sexy pop vocals. Speaking briefly about the single, Blind Man's Daughter explained, "It's about a cool night in a city."

The single's release comes on the heels of Blind Man's Daughter's impressive debut record, which garnered millions of plays and propelled their social media following to over 30,000 fans. 'Close Enough to Whisper' sets the stage for an album that promises to push boundaries and cement Blind Man's Daughter's reputation as a fearless and innovative force in the music scene.

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