Blood Red Rose – ‘Heroina’

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One of the most prolific independent bands we’ve ever encountered, Blood Red Rose have kept us guessing for years, twisting their dark indie sound into a maelstrom of impressive singles, albums, and even covers. Armed with a sporadic, free-flowing creativity that seamlessly shifts between styles and genres, the band have become known for their relentless pursuit of new creative space.

After releasing their aptly titled fourth album last year, the band are quick to follow it, releasing not one, but two new singles for all nostalgic indie fans to enjoy. The first of the two singles, ‘Heroina’ comes as a surprise anthem from the band, one that takes the band back to more hard rock territory, slicing electric guitar and howling vocals into one quickfire cut.

Opening with a burst of raw, unfiltered energy, ‘Heroina’ comes to life in an instant, firing off a damning guitar and vocal intro that sets the stage. It’s messy, but enjoyable in an off-kilter kind of way, with a kick of vintage hard rock instrumentals pushing forward like a runaway train. The vocals, though fittingly fierce, fight and strain to be heard, lacking some of the definition that we’ve loved in previous singles, but it’s hard to deny the passion in them. Built to catch you off guard, ‘Heroina’ harks back another age, working to Blood Red Rose’s tried and true ethos, that they’re “not looking to reinvent the wheel, but to add some New shiny alloy to it”.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Heroina’ is a scrappy return from Blood Red Rose, but one that certainly puts us in the mood for sister-single ‘Too Scared’, which is due out later this year. You can stream ‘Heroina’ on Spotify below, alongside new single 'Too Scared'.

While possibly not the band’s most cohesive single, ‘Heroina’ is a welcome return, offering something new and animalistic that the band can surely build on. For more from the Somerset trio, be sure to check out their website and Bandcamp page below or catch them on Spotify where you can stream their full discography.

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