Blood Red Rose – ‘Take My Hand’

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In the past few years, Blood Red Rose have easily become one of the most prolific independent bands around. A talented three-piece with a vintage indie rock sound, the band have continued to impress fans and critics alike with a string of albums and singles, building on the dark indie sounds of bands like The Cure and Primal Scream, and creating a style that is as nostalgic, raw, and completely their own.

After breaking through to the mainstage with the release of their sophomore album, ‘This One’s For You’, just a few months ago, Blood Red Rose have already announced details of their highly anticipated third record, taking to their social media pages and saying, “I know it doesn't seem long ago we released our 2nd Album 'This One's For You' but we are close to finishing our 3rd album!!! We have 7 songs so far and are hoping for a release towards the end of the year.”

Along with the announcement, the band have also shared a bold new single in the form of ‘Take My Hand’, a gorgeous, near-five-minute piece that showcases a far more ambient style. Emerging as a tempered ethereal blend of vintage shoegaze and early ‘90s alt-rock, ‘Take My Hand’ utilised more minimalist, almost tempered instrumentals to make its marks, lightly stitching together a patchwork melody of fading, distorted guitars and flickering percussion to create a dense, flowing soundscape.

Shining with familiar, wonderfully nostalgic sounds that would neatly fit into the back-catalogues of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, or the early days of The Verve, ‘Take My Hand’ is a hidden wonder, one where the instrumentals fold away and frontman Paul Stiling’s vocals take hold, reaching out in his most expressive and impressive performance so far.

Available now on all your favourite streaming platforms, ‘Take My Hand’ is another indication that Blood Red Rose are continuing to evolve improve, offering something new every time they return to the spotlight. With each album, they’ve been able to step away from the shadows and stand strong as a unique creative force, and if ‘Take My Hand’ is any indication of the direction they're heading in for album number three, it's going to be one hell of a record.

Make sure you follow Blood Red Rose on Spotify and their social media pages below, so you don’t miss the release of their third record, ‘Moving On’, later this year,

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