Boris Jelic – ‘Blackout’

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An artist who first came to our attention with his fierce originality and seemingly unstoppable “gay-hiphop” style, Boris Jelic has spent the last ten years creating magic. After spending his career headlining clubs and festivals throughout Europe, Boris is back in the spotlight with a new single, a new sound, and a new passion for his craft.

After spending all of last year headlining shows, Boris decided he had reached his pinnacle, and that it was time to end his music career, as he explained, “[it] made sense that after ten years of finally getting to a stage, not only performing in front of 25,000 people but also being a headlining act.” It was a move that led him to countless nights partying and celebrating, uncovering a new chapter in his life, and introducing him to a whole new world of music. After spending time going to a lot of raves and techno clubs, Boris found that it wasn’t music he wanted to quit, but his “gay-hiphop” genre.

It’s fitting then, that in Boris’ new single, we find him in a very different space, one inspired by wild nights and more mainstream sounds, capturing a completely different side to his style that he has proudly dubbed ‘technopop’.

Inspired by Britney Spears’ album of the same name, ‘Blackout’ pays playful homage to the iconic popstar, blending elements of vibrant mainstream pop with more industrial-tinged techno sounds. A dynamic cut filled with Danja-esque production and smooth synth tones. It’s a single that is classic mid-2000s pop spliced with hearty clubs vibes and Boris’ own effortless sense of style.

Speaking about the new single, Boris explained online, “It’s heavily inspired by the one and only, the best pop album of all time. There's a lot of references in this one, especially from the tracks like Gimme More, Get Naked and Break the Ice, and Freakshow. I wanted to create a sound that would sound like Blackout 2.0 16 years after its release.”

The first taste of his new sound and direction, ‘Blackout’ is a fresh take on mainstream pop sounds, one that stands proudly on the shoulders of pop giants, while also being wonderfully true to Boris’ style. Available now, ‘Blackout’ is Boris sounding more joyful and rejuvenated than ever, and can’t go wrong with that.

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