Boyboiiat - ‘Blue Chew’

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An unmistakable talent from Kansas City, Boyboiiat has shared his new single ‘Blue Chew’, a keen cut that blurs the lines between authentic hip-hop and modern product placement. Originally released in 2021, the single has been carving out a unique path online since its release, finding its way across Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Well known throughout his local area and online, Boyboiiat has built his music career on a degree in Broadcasting and Productions, pushing his creativity to the limit wherever he can Inspired by all walks of life and all genres of music, and influenced massively by his idols Dre, Tupac, E-40, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Micheal Jackson, to name just a few, Boyboiiat’s music hits with a modern edge that helps set him apart.

Released the single through his own label, iTellYouLikeThis, which he created with his best friend Pdot the Clock, ‘Blue Chew’ is a tongue-in-cheek hip-hop anthem that sees Boyboiiat detailing his adventures with the famous chewables, laying down his experiences with a stark signature sound.

Reminiscing fondly about the track, Boyboiiat recounts, “This song was dedicated to blue chew. I like to make promotional songs to help push brands. I thought I was funny to talk about, tried them and went crazy so that’s when I made this song in 2021. I took one and was horny ass shit could wait for my girlfriend to come home. When she did, I broke her back.”

Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Blue Chew’ is a unique introduction to Boyboiiat for those not yet acquainted. For more from the rising talent, be sure to check out his streaming sites and socials below.

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