Brian Purnell makes his mark on independent hip-hop with new single ‘Fo Da Streetz’

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A rising rap luminary taking hold of Maryland’s independent scene, Brian Purnell has recently shared his latest quickfire single, ‘Fo Da Streetz’. Released in collaboration with Surge Supreme, the new track is one of Brian’s most immediately impactful, lashing out with a titanic blend of fierce vocals, deafening bass tones, and hardcore anthemics.

At just one-and-a-half minutes in length, the track wastes no time in making an impact, with both rappers laying down undeniably heavy bars and explosive lyrical marks, cashing in on a thunderous sound where bold beats clash against some unforgettable hip-hop spikes. It’s no surprise that the track is a runaway rap anthem, with Brian building on a decade of experience to make it something truly impressive.

Back in 2014, Brian was inspired by one of his friends to take up rapping, and he quickly took to writing lyrics on beats, refining his style with every line. Delving into an authentic style that doesn’t shy away from controversial and raw topics, as he explained, “throughout my career in writing music I wrote about plenty topics my lyrics can have sexual content violent content and content about my life experiences my whole Target when it comes to writing music is give the best lyrics on that specific beat basically trying to conquer the beat through hard lyrics.”

‘Fo Da Streetz’ is a powerful illustration of this ethos, pulling no punches and staying true to Brian’s hard-hitting style. Available now on both Spotify and YouTube, the cut is a bold chapter in Brian’s career, pushing boundaries and showing he has what it takes to make his mark. For more from Brian, be sure to check out his socials below, where you can find more of his music like ‘She Went To Church’ and ‘Reservations’.

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