Camerock - ‘2:58 AM’

A wonderfully talented instrumentalist and aspiring rock star cut from the European scene, Camerock has recently shared her raucous debut single ‘2:58 AM’, hitting like a bolt of lightning and carving out a brilliant path for things to come.

At just twenty-five years old, Camerock has started her career in fine form with ‘2:58 AM’, delivering an anthemic and uniquely emotive single about loss and longing. Written as a dialogue-like narrative, the single tells the story of a female protagonist longing to reunite with her rock star ex-lover. Together with rolling bass notes, a true rock rhythm, and calling vocals that hit like a hammer, Camerock artfully explores the emotional turmoil and confusion that often surrounds a relationship.

Musically, the song is a driving rock release that rattles and shakes, capturing a dark, complex energy that Camerock carries fearlessly. As the song continues, Camerock’s vocals take you on a path of discovery and realisation, with the culmination of the song arriving through the lines, “This is our curtain call, it was all just make-believe / But it's okay, clear as day, we were never meant to be.”

It’s a cathartic and introspective end, with the protagonist realising that despite the haunting and obsessive nature of her nostalgic feelings for the past love, the relationship was only ever real for a moment.

Available now, the single is an impressive introduction to Camerock and her invigorating alt-rock style. It’s a song that is both progressive and powerful, combining honest emotions with brazen rockstar energy to create an unforgettable experience.

You can find ‘2:58 AM’ on all your favourite streaming services now, and be sure to follow Camerock on her social media pages below for more.

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