Cassian - 'Great Southern Land'

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Cassian has finally released his long-awaited version of the cherished song “Great Southern Land” by the Australian band Icehouse.

In his new version, Cassian gives the music, which was originally released in the 1980s and once shook all of Australia, a fresh lease on life by employing his unique style of production, which fuses melodic house and techno. This new version from Cassian, which has served as a significant point in his live sets over the course of the past year, has been published via the esteemed label Rose Avenue Records, which is owned and operated by Rüfüs Du Sol.

After its initial release in 1982, Icehouse‘s 'Great Southern Land' quickly established itself as an important part of popular culture in Australia. As a direct result of its enormous popularity, it was given official distribution in both North America and Europe, thereby disseminating the music of the Australian new wave scene around the globe.

Cassian now gives the track another tour over the airwaves in 2023, this time taking it to some of the largest events in the world, such as CoachellaPrintworks, and more. After getting the blessing of Icehouse maestro Iva Davies, Cassian now gives the music another tour via the airwaves.

On the track Cassian states “As an Australian, I was born with this song in my blood. I dreamed about making my own version for 10 years before reaching out to see if it was possible. Having full approval from Iva Davies/Icehouse and being involved with the legacy of this song is probably the greatest honor of my career thus far, one that I don’t take lightly."

He continued, "After I was given the stems I spent the past year slowly, carefully & respectfully piecing it together. Around 100 versions later I’m proud to present the final, which I even mastered myself. Huge thank you to management, to Simon Moor & of course to Iva and his team for making the impossible possible.”

A track that he holds close to his heart, Cassian’s remake of ‘Great Southern Land’ is a love letter to Australia and is sure to be heard across his sets this Summer. 

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