Ceara Cavalieri - 'Bad Thing'

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Alt-pop meets rock singer/songwriter Ceara Cavalieri has returned with an autobiographical and raw new single. Called 'Bad Thing', the track is the first of the year from this expressive and captivating artist on the rise.

'Bad Thing' details Ceara's own story of her experience finding out she was cheated on by her girlfriend while at a party. Lyrics including, "it's so obvious / you are calling me a bitch / I know what you did / did a bad bad thing", shows Ceara is aware of this toxic behavior and won't fall for her girlfriend's gaslighting.

The highly relatable narrative also has a story of playful revenge with Ceara herself seducing her girlfriend's best friend. Sonically, pop punk landscapes enthrall under soaring melodies, and driving basslines making 'Bad Thing' a highly infectious radio worthy hit.

Ceara Cavalieri often writes pop rock songs filled with captivating storytelling and witty, tongue and cheek lyrics. The young Californian born and bred singer fell in love with music at the age of three and her teen years were filled with learning to write songs to help cope with her shyness.

With more music on the way, we can't wait to hear what is next from Ceara Cavalieri.

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