CHAD! – ‘In Your Eyes’

Growing up in the small town of Walterboro South Carolina, Chad Nathan began his musical journey at the young age of fourteen, writing beats and delivering freestyles that reflected his unique perspective. After first making his mark posting short clips to his YouTube channel, Chad has become one of his hometown’s most promising talents, and with tracks like ‘In Your Eyes’, he’s continuing to impress.

While a brief hiatus early in his career nearly turned Chad away from music altogether, he returned to the rap scene with a new drive and motivation, constructing beats that were inspired by his cousin and fellow artist Insvmniv. After graduating from high school in 2020, Chad began working to create new music that better reflected his style, experiences, and passion.

Inspired by soulful voices such as Bryson Tiller and Michael Jackson, as well as modern icons like Drake and Lil Baby, Chad found his lane as a producer in recent years, and ever since then, he’s been unleashing a solid stream of impressive tracks that feature some of the best up-and-coming artists.

One of Chad’s biggest tracks to date, ‘In Your Eyes’ is everything we’ve come to love about Chad’s unique sound, combing his own impressive talents along with those of IAM3AM and Tim Moyo. Available now on Spotify, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist, ‘In Your Eyes’ is arguably one of Chad’s finest releases, delivering a gorgeous R&B sound that simply refuses to be ignored.

While he considers himself to be more of an executive producer, looking to push creative boundaries and put together artists and producers in the same way that DJ Khaled has, Chad has shown that he has a true passion for music and no matter how many times he’s tried to walk away from it his love for the game always brings him back, and he’s here to stay.

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