Charlie Icon – ‘One Day You Will’

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With an impressive ability to combine emotive slices of real life with raw passionate vocals and a contemporary country style, Charlie Icon is quickly becoming an artist to watch. After years spent pursuing his passion and performing on stages across the United States, Charlie has found his way onto our radar, and it’s all thanks to his passionate and heartfelt new single, ‘One Day You Will’.

Armed with an authentic sound that has shone over the past few years in songs like ‘Worth Her While’ and ‘Washed Up Rockstar’, Chris has created a brilliant platform for his sound, and with the new single, he’s continued to add layers to his timeless style. Opening onto a sweeping acoustic melody, ‘One Day You Will’ is instilled with dulcet tones, delivering a bold, emotionally charged country sound that rallies around lyrics like “I wish I could stop the hands of time, stay right here for my whole life.”

A gorgeous release cut from the heart, ‘One Day You Will’ tells the touching tale of a father trying to hold on to his daughter, as she goes “from Daddy’s little girl to a full-blown woman out into the world”. Filled with true emotion and undeniable honesty, the single is easily one of Charlie’s most touching. So far, ‘One Day You Will’ has become one of Charlie’s biggest songs, gaining over 96,000 streams on Spotify alone, and capturing the hearts and minds of fans all across the globe.

Speaking of his journey so far, Charlie explained, “I've been on stages since I was 5 years old. It was my passion to create art through music. To influence people. To give memories.  From then and for the next 25 years I pursued that passion. Then life happened. Caught up in the pursuit of wealth, I forsake that passion. In 2011 I recorded an EP I titled ‘What's Left Of Me’. I believed that was everything left I had to give to the passion that had fuelled me for so long. 10 years later...there is a round two...I am not done yet."

Along with the release of the single, Charlie has also shared an expressive lyric video that you can watch above via YouTube. With over 15,000 views already, the video has become a testament to his enduring talents, setting the standard that all artists will now have to reach.

For more from Charlie, check out his social media pages below, and make sure you head to our annual Spotify playlist where ‘One Day You Will’ is streaming alongside a brilliant mix of releases from the year so far.

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