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Chesney Claire - ‘Dirty Li’l Secret’

  • 2 min read

Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but now calling Las Vegas home, Chesney Claire has been carving out an impressive pop legacy over the last few years. After making her debut with the passionate ‘15 Candles’ in 2020, Chesney has continued to grow as an artist, with each new release showcasing a spirited new side of her personality and artistry. Recently, Chesney has shared his scintillating new single ‘Dirty Li’l Secret’, taking her classic pop sound to a whole new level.

Written by Chesney and Anthony Black, ‘Dirty Li’l Secret’ is an explosive blend of contemporary pop and driving EDM, capitalising on sultry lyrics and dance floor anthemics that are bold, evocative, and wonderfully ensnaring. Built on a wave of melodic beats and effervescent tones, it's a track that is instantly engaging, never missing a beat and constantly finding new ways to keep you hooked.

Backed by some superb production by Mikheil Rusishvili, ‘Dirty Li’l Secret’ is a song destined to make its mark on the pop world. A vibrant release that shows just how powerful and talented Chesney is, ‘Dirty Li’l Secret’ is currently under condition for three Grammy® Nominations this season, entering the ballot for ‘Pop Dance Recording’, ‘Pop Solo Performance (Record Of The Year)’, and ‘Best New Artist’.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, the single has been garnering plenty of acclaim since its release, including a piece from Sound Read Six who called it “A passionate song and a dreamy subject matter, the catchy RnB groove puts CC right at the front of the queue.”

A rising star who warmly embraces the pop world, Chesney is continuing to make waves and show the world just how impressive she really is. Along with her music, Chesney will also be the host of a new nationally-syndicated celebrity talk show on the Las Vegas Strip called ‘It's Vegas Baby!’ at the Las Vegas Television network.

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