Columbia - ‘Glory People’

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The indie rock four-piece Columbia formed three years ago and have risen through the UK indie music scene, with previous singles ‘Fall Into The Sun' featured by A&R Factory and ‘Keys To The Kingdom’ both being well received by the media, the latter gaining radio play on Mark Speller’s ‘The Rise of The Indie Artists’ show and The Premium Blend Radio Show alongside Columbia’s debut international radio play, a landmark achievement for this exciting emerging act who are set to release their debut album, ‘Embrace The Chaos’ in February 2022.

Columbia is comprised of frontman and rhythm guitarist Craig Lewis, Ben Rowlands (lead guitarist), Chris Webber (drums) and Sten (bass), and if the constant friendly banter between them is any indication, this band could rival the Beatles for witty humour and a close-knit bond that is easily transitioned into a cohesiveness in their onstage performance which quickly sets them apart from other up and coming independent alternative rock bands. 

During the recording process at King’s Road Studio for the new single, ‘Glory People’ (also incidentally where the band’s debut album ‘Embrace The Chaos’ was also recorded), ‘I could just hear a female vocal layered over the chorus’ lead singer Craig remembers. Record producer Andrew Sanders suggested singer Asha Jane join them for a recording session in the studio, and within an hour she had put down amazing backing vocals on the song. We stood there in awe at what she’d done - it sounded even better than we expected’, Craig states. 

Blending raw aggression, incendiary guitar riffs, thunderous drums and a volatile energy with lyrics that ‘are about hope and making the best of what we have’, (lead vocalist Craig Lewis), ’Glory People’ unleashes a stadium-sized, progressively expansive sound and anthemic lyrics with the touch of brilliance from Asha Jane that ‘will have you screaming the chorus and chanting the title at the top of your lungs’ asserts bassist Sten.      

Columbia’s rapidly gathering momentum is set to continue on an exciting upward trajectory, with the highly-anticipated debut tour dates soon to be announced, followed by the release of their debut album, currently scheduled for release early in 2022.

The new single ‘Glory People’ is available now on digital streaming platforms Itunes and Spotify.

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