DarreDentist – ‘Journey’

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A modern artist who blurs the boundaries between folk, pop, country, and dance, DarreDentist is undeniably unique. Known only by their moniker and with very little public information about the elusive artist, they have become a rising fixture of Sweden’s independent scene, kicking up dust and drawing in listeners with their emotive debut single ‘Journey’.

A single that stands as our only introduction to DarreDentist, ‘Journey’ follows the same path as artists like Alex Clare, Dermot Kennedy, and Jacob Banks, combining more homegrown, authentic, and even timeless sounds with modern electronics and bold dance anthemics. Crossing the line between the eclectic mix of sounds, DarreDentist slips into a free, creative expanse where anything seems possible, and that’s exactly where his debut single shines.

Rising from a gorgeous stream of piano keys and flowing beats, ‘Journey’ is perfectly placed, stitching together a rousing, hopeful sound that shines brightly with rustic charm. With a heart-warming vocal harmony, DarreDentist makes his mark, singing sweetly about better days and overcoming hard times. Throughout it all, there is a brilliant cascade of banjo chords that add some brilliant folk sounds to the piece, creating a wonderful depth that lingers long after the song has come to an end.

Available now on Spotify and Soundcloud, ‘Journey’ is a rousing piece of modern folk-pop that has real mainstream qualities and plenty of commercial appeal, but also retains its heart and soul, offering a personal connection that bleeds through every single moment.

An impressive debut release from a blossoming new talent, ‘Journey’ is a perfect soundtrack for a bright Summer’s day where wistful memories can easily carry you away. Stream it today and be sure to follow DarreDentist on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify for more.

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