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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Denmark's LGBT+ Icon Asbjørn dazzles with new single 'He's Dancing So Well (I'm Better)'

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Asbjørn, one of Denmark's most celebrated LGBT+ artist, is thrilling fans with a vibrant new single. 'He's Dancing So Well (I'm Better)' delivers a fresh take on Scandinavian experimental pop. This lead single from his upcoming fourth studio album pulsates with an infectious energy.

The track opens with a burst of passionate strings, a sonic whirlwind that reflects the complex emotions conveyed in Asbjørn's yearning vocals. "I will dance with myself forever. He never needs to know. He's dancing so well, but I'm better," he whispers, painting a picture of unyielding resolve.

"To me, dancing is a necessary tool to express vulnerability," Asbjørn reflects. "By giving the emotions a physical outlet, I gain strength to share from a rawer place than I'm actually comfortable with." The artist's kinetic energy translates effortlessly into the manic beats and danceable rhythms juxtaposed against the delicate orchestral score.

Asbjørn took on production duties for his untitled fourth album alongside Steffen Lundtoft of the renowned band Lowly. The highly anticipated album promises more of Asbjørn's signature sound ahead of its release in 2024.

Uncompromising and undeniably catchy, Asbjørn's music embodies a sense of rebellion. He draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, stating, "Friction is freedom... As a kid, my parents would put on classical, folk, and world music in the morning and when I came home from school, I’d make choreographies to Destiny’s Child, Britney and Madonna.”

Asbjørn's musical journey is a fascinating blend of styles. Critics have rightfully hailed him as "a modern critics' wet dream" and praised his artistic bravery as "much needed CPR to a genre at risk of losing its edge." With the release of "He's Dancing So Well (I'm Better)" and the upcoming album, fans are in for another unforgettable treat from the brilliant mind of Asbjørn.

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