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Dulcie - 'Nothing Left'

  • 2 min read

With the release of single ‘tell ur friends’ bringing Perth’s Dulcie back to the fore for 2022, the trio have wasted no time in serving up their next dose of indie-pop goodness, this time in the dynamic ‘Nothing Left’.

A track that has allowed the group to delve further into the emotive and elevated songwriting, exploring new themes and sounds, ‘Nothing Left’ is delivered with confidence and a sense of self-assuredness that Dulcie have been winning crowds nationwide with during their recent tour with Ocean Alley; their largest performance run to date, with 40,000+ tickets sold.

Pulsating synths and percussion match beautifully with Dulcie’s harmonies, as lyrics detail the breakdown of a relationship and the inevitability of a situation that simply isn’t working.

The band explained, “‘Nothing Left’ is about acknowledging the breakdown of a relationship. It’s the decision that it’s easier to walk away than to try to make things work. We’ve taken a pop direction with this new track, incorporating lots of new sounds and ideas.”

As a follow up to ‘tell ur friends’, ‘Nothing Left’ offers an interesting change of pace and brings Dulcie into different emotional territory. ‘tell ur friends’, with its sass and feisty attitude, weaves expertly with the reflective and realism of ‘Nothing Left’.

It is a touchstone of Dulcie’s development as songwriters and performers, while their dynamic as performers has only strengthened in recent years, culminating with a stunning final product.

The release of ‘tell ur friends’ repositioned Dulcie on the national radar; the single earning the group triple j rotation, editorial praise from outlets including NME Australia, Music Feeds, AAA Backstage and AMNplify, and heavy community radio and DSP support from both Apple Music and Spotify (14 playlists alone). Dulcie’s growth has been exponential since signing to WA-based artist agency Wear Your Hat (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets), knocking off over 10,000 streams monthly and elevating the trio to new heights.

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