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elbé – ‘Sonder’

  • 1 min read

While the world is still recovering from the pandemic that ravaged countries and closed borders, Ireland’s elbé have found a way to release one of their most impressive records to date, the mellow, indie-folk epic of ‘Sonder’.

The latest offering from the talented Cork four-piece, ‘Sonder’ is a release filled with warmth and bold acoustic sounds, layering heartfelt and captivating instrumentals with inspiration from real-life experiences and relatable day-to-day events. With five tracks in total, the EP is transient, bold, and widely accessible, delivering an eclectic mix of pop, rock, and indie-folk that perfectly showcases the band’s unique, homegrown sound.

Highlights abound in singles like ‘Following’ and ‘People We Know’, to previously unreleased tracks that shine with a broad, jangly guitar sound and melodic vocals that balance warmth with undeniable commercial appeal. Elsewhere, ‘These Moments’ hints at gorgeous percussive grooves, while ‘People We Know’ makes an impact with its crisp production and timeless acoustic appeal.

Together, the five tracks on the EP do a wonderful job of creating a growing narrative, one that is relatable and undeniably authentic. In some ways it’s quite a gentle release, one that grows quietly and organically, and never fails to impress.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Sonder’ is a magical release, one that is easy to listen to, and even easier to enjoy. Check it out above via Spotify, and make sure you lend your support to the band by following their social media pages below.

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