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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Eleri Ward's 'Moss' arrives a call to embrace your authentic path

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Eleri Ward, an emerging singer-songwriter known for her captivating sonic landscapes and emotive storytelling, continues to enchant listeners with her latest single, 'Moss'. Following the success of her poignant debut single, 'Grieving the Future', Eleri once again demonstrates her artistic prowess with a track that resonates on both a musical and lyrical level.

'Moss' carries a rousing energy, urging listeners to forge their own unique paths without fear of societal expectations. The track's expansive soundscape, layered with Ward's gorgeous vocals, creates a sense of adventure, underscoring the artist's message of self-discovery. This blend of the therapeutic and the alluring is a hallmark of Ward's distinctive style.

'Moss' serves as a musical reminder to reconnect with your inner truth, balancing lush vocals, intricate guitarwork, and reversed harmonics to create a grounding soundscape. Speaking candidly about the single, Eleri explained, "It's a meditation on returning to yourself, and what better way to celebrate this transition of my career than to share a song that embodies that. I hope to inspire others not to be afraid of moving out of what is expected of you and to follow your own inner compass and inspiration."

In mesmerizing form, the new single blazes with inspiring energy, its sound and lyrics urging listeners to carve their own unique paths. Eleri passionately encourages defying expectations in the pursuit of one's truth. A rich soundscape builds a sense of adventure, showcasing the artist's distinctive style with a sound both soothing and captivating.

A New York City-based artist whose music, deeply rooted in storytelling, Eleri Ward draws inspiration from a multitude of genres. Her work has garnered critical acclaim, with The New York Times praising her acoustic Sondheim covers and Earmilk highlighting her unparalleled ability to transport audiences into emotional dreamscapes. Whether interpreting classics or crafting her own original compositions, Ward's artistry centers around building immersive sonic worlds infused with the essence of each story she tells.

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