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esby573 - ‘Toxic Me’

  • 2 min read

A unique independent talent from a small town in Illinois, esby573 has been making music for the past five years, carving out his own musical legacy. Bravely diving into his struggles with anxiety and depression, esby573’s music is an honest reflection of his life, blending raw emotions with an evolving mid-western hip-hop sound.

After dropping his debut single ‘ease me’ on Soundcloud in 2018, esby753 has continued to use music as an outlet, creating new tracks as a way to remove stress and lessen the feelings of heartbreak and struggle that have constantly surrounded him. Recently, esby573 has released a brand new collection of tracks, assembling four of his most emotive and effective cuts into an EP that is artfully cut from the same cloth as Lil Peep, Corbin, and Chief Keef. Titled ‘Toxic Me’, the release is a bold exploration of raw, honest emotions and escalating sounds, taking inspiration from home truths, hard fought wisdom, and a range of hard-hitting genres from punk and rage, to classic Soundcloud rap.

Delivering four original tracks in ‘Mood Swings’, ‘Heartburn’, ‘Running From the Demons’, and ‘Dark Side’, esby573 paints an uncompromising picture, lashing together a vibrant mixture of sound to create his own unique piece. On opening track ‘Mood Swings’, esby573 confronts suicidal thoughts, calling out with melodic verse, while in ‘Heartburn’ he tackles failed relationships and feelings of numbness through smooth, tempered beats, and a pop-inspired, autotuned sound. In the closing two tracks, he continues to tackle his demons and push to find some sort of solace through the music.

Speaking about the EP, esby573 told us, “This EP to me is about toxic things that we all struggle with and overcome. I wrote this project ‘TOXIC ME’ when I was feeling angry, anxious, and depressed, to let the listeners see the toxic side. ‘TOXIC ME’ is for people who struggle in general with mental illness, anxiety, and relationships.”

While only ‘Running From the Demons’ is available now, with the full EP set for release in the near future, the EP is a wonderful return to the Soundcloud rap, offering a nostalgic, but ever so poignant sound that hits incredibly hard. A release to enjoy, but also to find comfort and acceptance in, ‘Toxic Me’ is a release that deserves to be heard.

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