Eternal365 - 'Mayhem'

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An artist who first began writing music when he was just fourteen years old, Eternal365 has come a long way from his humble Brooklyn beginnings. Born and raised in the concrete heart of New York, the rising rapper has spent his life creating his own brand of modern hip-hop, unapologetically carving out his legacy and never once losing faith in his abilities.

A newfound fixture on Soundcloud, where he has amassed a following of over 2,600 loyal followers in a short space of time, Eternal365 creates music filled with potential, setting his sights to the horizons and pre-empting the mainstream. As he explained, “I feel that the type of music I make has the potential to be relevant now and even in the future years from now…” While music has always been a passion for Eternal365, it’s only recently that he was able to focus on it fully, pushing past distractions to set the stage for a new chapter. He continued, “I’ve been writing music on and off since age fourteen but never took it serious but there were too much distractions in my personal life.”

“And I was still young and lacked experience but I have been through obstacles and struggles, like growing up in a low income poverty environment and had to adapt to the trials of tribulations, the doubt in myself and from others, the hate from people and hate for others. I’m really an introvert, so I’m used to being alone and the only way for me to express myself was through writing and music. I can become anything I wanted like that, so now I’m a grown man and in a better place financially, that I’m able to take music more seriously…”

Recently, Eternal365 shared his debut single on Soundcloud, an deeply personal and aptly titled anthem called ‘Mayhem’. As a single, the track is everything you would want from the Brooklyn-native, layering cascading beats with shifting instrumentals and his own versatile flow. A rare release where every moment hits perfectly, the track is a rapturous introduction to Eternal365, hinting at his power, prowess, and things still to come. Speaking openly with us about the track, he shared, “I didn’t take the track ‘Mayhem’ seriously when I wrote it a year ago. I was just home alone in my room at the time and I happened to find a “type” beat on YouTube of a famous music artist (I forgot who) that I really thought was fire asf. And it was like the instrumental was talking to my subconscious and telling me each word to write and it all just flowed together.”

He continued, “[It was] like a puzzle building itself up, and I kept being versatile throughout both verses, so I kept having to rehearse them cuz I kept messing up when I was practicing rapping it. I went to a nearby studio somewhere in Brooklyn a few days after and the whole session felt like magic… but I ended up holding onto the song for a few months cause with personal problems and it just wasn’t the right time.”

In the month following the release, ‘Mayhem’ has already notched up over 10,000 streams on Soundcloud alone, while an off-shoot ‘Chopped & Screwed Version’ has continued to over 15,000 streams.

For Eternal365, ‘Mayhem’ is just the beginning, with plans to bring his music to Spotify and TikTok, building more exposure, and show that anything is possible for him. Along with the release, the rising star is also teasing the release of an official music video that he says will be released soon, along with an upcoming EP titled ‘Where There’s Trauma & Passion’. For more from Eternal365, be sure to check out his Soundcloud page below.

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