Eva Forte – ‘Feel’

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The vibrant techno house project of Veronika Fotieva, a Russian and Dutch musician who has long since proved her talents in a variety of independent rock bands, Eva Forte hits like a tidal wave. With an undeniable passion for music, and a passion to explore new styles and genres, Eva has made her mark as one of the most diverse and exploratory artists in modern music, and with her new single, she’s raised the bar yet again.

Titled ‘Feel’, the new release is a joyous blend of classic house vibes and synth-pop melodies, delivering a brilliant cascade of sounds that will enchant and invigorate in equal measure. Shining with brilliant synths and a massive ‘80s accent. Speaking about the track on her Instagram page, Eva explained, “I love techno, house and the sound of 80’s synths. In my ‘Feel’ which is released today you can enjoy it all.”

Available now on all major platforms, and as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist, ‘Feel’ is a rare electronic anthem that looks to bring the vintage sound back to the mainstream. After a career as a bass player in various European rock bands, it’s amazing to hear Eva shaking up her sound and style, and she does it so seamlessly.

A captivating and energetic piece that looks ahead and carries the listener along with a dynamic style, ‘Feel’ is an essential release for any techno fan.

Having realised her passion at an early age, Eva has spent years honing her craft and experimenting with any sound she could, and with her new single she’s shown that techno is well and truly one of her most proficient styles. Tune into the new single above, and make sure you also tune in to her synth-pop and dance project, Vero, which is available now on Spotify.

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