Evolutionary Sleeper – ‘Labyrinthian’

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A unique metalcore project steeped in heavy vibes and cloaked in anonymity, Evolutionary Sleeper has become synonymous with savage hardcore riffs and serene post-rock melodies. A fresh, fierce project delivering an emotive and impassioned sound, the solo instrumentalist has taken December by storm, and it’s all thanks to their undeniable debut EP, ‘Labyrinthian’.

Blurring the lines between more industrial post-rock sounds and punishing hardcore anthemics, Evolutionary Sleeper first came under notice thanks to the titanic singles of ‘Where Wolves Once Roamed’ and ‘The Sorrow We Have Sown, and ever since then we’ve been holding on for more from the enigmatic artist.

For their hugely anticipated new EP, Evolutionary Sleeper has enlisted a string of unique and wonderfully talented artists to help bring their stark creative vision to life, and the result is mesmerising, shifting gear into a deeper, more multi-faceted sounds that are as fierce as they are fantastic. Featuring the talents of Dan Picknell, Alex Hamilton, and Laur Lindmae, who all add their own flair to the release, ‘Labyrinthian’ is a breakthrough piece of metalcore brilliance, delivering a massive combination of professional skills and sonic savagery.

With each cut shining with its own dark character, it’s amazing that the EP presents itself as such a unified vision, offering plenty of strength, passion, and subtle venom that will keep you enraptured. Filled to the brim with twists, turns, and clever musical complexities, the EP pulls no punches, and it’s all the more impressive, engaging, and unforgettable for it.

A release that is committed, dedicated, and built to impress with every moment, Evolutionary Sleeper and his roster of talented musicians have unleashed one of the strongest releases of the year, and it simply demands to be heard. A masterclass in instrumental mayhem, professionally controlled chaos, and chilling lyricism, this is modern metalcore at its very best.

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