Fast-emerging London artist Korby has dropped an intoxicating new track 'Nosebleeds'

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Following his smooth, introspective single 'Feel My Face', rising London artist Korby has delivered another seminal cut with new single 'Nosebleeds'. Combining acoustic elements with relatively paced percussive beats, Korby lays the perfect foundation for his smooth lyricism.

Opening onto an emotive plain of solitary notes and hushed vocals, 'Nosebleeds' sees Korby balancing experiment vibes with tender, evocative tricks, creating a deeply impactful release that will have you enraptured. With the stage set, Korby's vocals hit true and clean, with the artist finding his stride through reflective lines like, "Recognise my city, yeah I know the lights, Mother told me I’ll be fine, so I’ll be fine."

Delivering a laidback and reflective sound that is backed perfectly by Korby's lyrical prowess, 'Nosebleeds' is a ruminative glimpse into his upcoming debut EP, set for release later this month, along with a video for 'My Garden', which serves as the lead single.

Praise for Korby has been quick-coming and rightly earned, with Happy Mag saying the young artist has “made his impressive debut with Wait For You, and continues his growth as one of the genre’s most promising vocals.” Similarly, Pilerats spoke positively about the song, adding “The result is an equal parts experimental and addictive beat that perfectly fits Korby's subtly autotuned vocals that slot right in the pocket.”

With support coming in droves, and the hype around his debut EP building, there's never been a better time to get acquainted with Korby. For more of his tracks, be sure to check out his first two singles via Spotify above.

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