Faye - 'Alexandria'

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Rising indie rock artist Faye has recently released her latest single, the gorgeous 'Alexandria', a track that dives into the harsh territory of being in love with someone you can’t have.

In an age of heavy production, Faye embraces an authentic garage sound with a focus on lyrics and a raw vocal that blends with smooth electric guitars and drums as she sings of Alexandria, the girl we’ve all wanted to be at some point in our lives.

“This one night, I came back from hanging out with the guy who was in love with Alexandria. I was really sad, because he would tell me all of these things, compliment me, and basically lead me on, and then run right back to her,” says Faye. “But I sat down - it was like, 1am, and this idea for a song popped into my head which was to not make it about me being sad or losing the guy but to revolve the story around her. I wrote it in about fifteen mins. It’s definitely one of my more vulnerable songs.” 

'Alexandria' was written and performed by Faye and produced by Jon Fintel at Relay Recording and features Jon Leonard on guitar, Jared Knutson on guitar and drums, and Jenna Jaworski  on bass.

Faye began her performance stage career at age 6 as the youngest act in her school talent show. Since then she has gone on to compose over a hundred original scores, teach herself guitar, win numerous talent competitions, become an avid music business entrepreneur, joined many music associations and created her own band with members Jon Leonard (guitar), Jared Knutson (guitar/drums) and Jenna Jaworski (bass).

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