Fever Pitch - 'Fever Pitch'

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Following on from the release of their dynamic track ‘Escape’, Sydney alt-rock group Fever Pitch deliver their impactful debut EP, 'Fever Pitch'. The self-titled effort signals the arrival of an exciting new presence, as Fever Pitch brings together a strong collection of influences from across the realms of alt-rock, indie, pop and groove, in creating music that feels incredibly fresh.

The 'Fever Pitch' EP captures the vibe of the group as they navigated a heady two and a half year period, from 2021 through to present day. With past band experiences in different music projects imparting a variety of perspectives onto the members of Fever Pitch, it was evident that this new venture and exploration of sound had to hit right for all of them.

It’s why the listener can pick up on the strong throughline of musical cohesion across the Fever Pitch project; from the opening of ‘Escape’, through to the swells and peaks of ‘Is This Real?’ and ‘Starstruck’.

The detailing, from the personal lyricism and natural blend of nuance in storytelling and expert production, courtesy of Chris Peruch (Moaning Lisa, Dear Seattle), demonstrates Fever Pitch’s solid vision for their music moving forward. And it’s this vision that positions the group in such an exciting space.

Speaking about the new release, the band explained, “Stylistically, our approach was to see how different we could make the tracks sound from each other without losing any cohesion. We wanted the EP to have the same sort of pacing as a short film: starting in the middle of the action with ‘Growing Pains’, an uptempo track that establishes that we’re a rock band right off the bat. ‘Is This Real?’ is a bit of a left turn, expanding the context of the band to include synths, more variation in dynamics, subject matter, etc."

"‘Starstruck’ is a return to a more direct rock style with the more melodic elements of ‘Is This Real?’ starting to creep back in. Finally, ‘Escape’ is the culmination of all of these different elements combined into one song. It’s balladic, it’s got a boisterous chorus, it’s got a beat switch. We pretty much threw every trick in the book at the closing track to give it the feel of a closing track.”

Across the EP there exists a well-balanced fusion of sonic influences that call up the likes of artists including Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins, Royal Blood and OK Hotels with reverence. To know Fever Pitch’s history, first as alternative act After Touch, is to know that between the members Marcus Conti, Jack Rankin, Jordan Pranic and Jesse Mate, there is a strong creative artistry that has been built on a love for music itself.

Fever Pitch came to be after the band decided to take a fresh approach to their sound; starting with a clean slate and diving off into the deep end of a pool of new influences. Here, with their debut EP, Fever Pitch present their refined brand of musicianship.

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