FID – ‘10.09.2004’

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A lo-fi rapper with a penchant for wavey beats and stark lyrical hooks, the enigmatic FID (Fidelity Is Dead) first surfaced in 2021 with the release of his debut single ‘Lethal Bliss’. The first of many, ‘Lethal Bliss’ captured a raw, undeniable sound that set him apart from the mainstream, offering a unique glimpse into one of the most exciting new talents of the modern era.

After capitalising on the weight of his debut single with follow-up anthems ‘Auburn Days’ and ‘Lilac Skies’, FID had well and truly made his mark, earning over 10,000 combined streams and an audience of nearly 3,000 monthly listeners. As 2021 came to a merciful end, FID marked the occasion with his biggest and most instantly recognisable single to date, the acid-soaked dream of ’10.09.2004’.

A humble but evocative talent, FID described his style simple, stating on Spotify, “Idk man I kinda just make music I love and have fun doing it. You are all welcome to join me for this journey as well,” and truly, that’s a perfect reflection of his sound. Filled with meditative lo-fi sounds, nuanced trap influences and shifting focal points that draw you in, ’10.09.2004’ hits with an unassuming style and plenty of homespun truths.

Available now on Spotify, along with all FID’s over singles, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2022, this is a track you won't want to miss.

A wonderful new release that will have fans of lo-fi rap hooked in moments, ’10.09.2004’ is a powerful introduction to FID’s sound, as well as a triumphant step forward in his career. Tune into the new cut above and make sure you lend your support by following him on Spotify and his social media pages below.

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