Foxlin shares an emotive indie rock adventure with new EP ‘Camper’

A talented and wonderfully prolific artist who has been weaving charming indie folk sounds since 2016, Foxlin is both a musical and therapeutic outlet that searches to find meaning in life. From the raw and textured sounds of debut release ‘Animal With Lonely Eyes’ to more recent and introspective experiences, Foxlin has charmed and comforted many over the years.

Recently, all eyes have turned to Foxlin’s most recent release, a 20-minute journey through introspective indie folk sounds that is simply titled ‘Camper’. Released just a few days ago, the new EP delivers five original songs, stitched together as a camping trip held in the artist’s mind.  Packed with solitary acoustic guitar chords, tender, floating melodies, and a serene air that reflects peaceful open spaces and more rustic tones hidden away from busy cities, the EP is a tender, almost magic experience to take in.

Through songs like ‘A Real State’, Foxlin experiments with subtle, shimmering overlayers, setting a platform for poignant lines like “Can the darkness fall, if I bear my breath?” It’s an incredible, honest sound, progressing wonderfully through more spirited tracks like ‘There's A First Time For Everything’, where Foxlin shares, “Day by day it's lost on me, how every day I'm supposed to be the same when I feel so many different ways.”

The interplay between the music and Foxlin’s vocals is perfect, and his words shine through with poetic charm, conjuring up instant comparisons with bands like Frightened Rabbit. Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Camper’ is a touching and tender adventure well worth taking.

Behind the music, Foxlin is an artist with incurable cancer and borderline personality disorder. Using the project as a way to find meaning in life, he creates heartfelt and wonderfully poignant releases that reflect his experiences and provide an outlet for anyone trying to find a path. You can stream ‘Camper’ in full above and be sure to check out his other releases via Spotify below.

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