Gabi DeMartino - 'Heaven'

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Singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur Gabi DeMartino has shared her new celestial dance-pop single 'Heaven', available now on all major streaming services.

The track was inspired by her recent engagement that didn’t work out, along with her newfound self-appreciation for her vulnerability and risk taking. It's a story that Gabi has been hesitant to tell, until now. The track marks the 28-year old’s first release since her debut album 'Paintings of Me' last year.

With lyrics inspired by the 1957 classic film 'An Affair to Remember', this melancholy twin-flame anthem walks us through Gabi's conflicting emotions as she takes a leap of faith by closing a chapter to take a leap of faith; guided by her angels and intuition.

Featuring 80s pop influences and breezy theatrical sounds, Gabi provides an upbeat track to dance us through contemplation, taking risks, and embracing connection. As an artist, Gabi DeMartino is turning her story into pop chapters from melody to meaning. With the success of her mental health-empowering single of 2020, 'Pretty Little Mind', Gabi quickly realized she could use her music as a tool to express feelings about love, survival and mental health awareness. 

Gabi has been in the influencer space since 2012, building a name and following while collaborating with her twin sister on their joint YouTube channel, and for her content on her own solo channel, Fancy Vlogs by Gab. Gabi quickly grew into one of the most popular content creators with her solo channel boasting more than 3 million subscribers and the Niki & Gabi channel garnering over 9.5 million subscribers and over one billion views.

Gabi is much more than a content creator, as she has also achieved success as a singer/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and actress. Gabi has received much praise for the music she has released as part of Niki & Gabi and as a solo artist. The girls’ first single release in 2017 charted in the Top Pop 100 on iTunes and Apple Music on the day of its release, ranking at number 53, and has over 3 million streams on Spotify.

Fans can expect more new music from Gabi this summer. For more information on Gabi DeMartino, be sure to follow her at the links below.

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