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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Gray Days An Organic Evolution of His Sound with New Single 'What To Say'

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Over the past few years, Gray Days has emerged as a compelling indie artist whose unassuming style and expressive music have resonated deeply with listeners. With releases like 'Nowhere To Hide' and his debut album 'Drifting', Gray Days has crafted intricate soundscapes that offer solace and introspection.

His latest single, 'What To Say', is set to be an organic evolution of his sound, taking a step away from the soft, melodic touches of previous releases, and stepping into a new creative space. Available from the 27th of May this year, it promises to be one of the artist's most engaging, personal, and reflective releases to date.

While maintaining the classic acoustic guitar interplay and flashes of shoegaze that have become his signature, the track introduces a heavier presence and a more atmospheric flourish. This shift reflects the deeply personal nature of the song's lyrics, which explore the artist's wife's experience with chronic pain.

"The lyrics are very personal," explains Gray Days. "My wife suffers chronic pain 24/7... we don’t talk too much about it anymore because we’ve tried a lot of things to help but nothing has worked so far."

Recorded at home and mixed and mastered by Andrew Crowe, who has worked on Gray Day’s previous releases ‘Sweet Nothings’, 'What To Say' balances noise pop and shoegazing aesthetics perfectly, branching out, while still being unmistakably his. Gray Days' vocals are more elevated than usual, rising above the dense instrumentation. At the song's midpoint, the music momentarily fades, allowing his voice to take centre stage. As the track progresses, the percussion and guitar return with renewed vigour, while synth tones create an ethereal atmosphere. The song culminates in a more industrial, abstract ending, with percussive hits that hint at fractured moments.

This organic evolution of sound demonstrates Gray Days' willingness to explore new sonic territories while remaining true to his artistic vision. As for what lies ahead, the artist simply states, "Have just finished another new one and it’s different again." With each release, Gray Days continues to captivate and challenge listeners, solidifying his position as a unique and compelling voice in the indie music landscape.

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