Haiden - 'You Don't Event Like Me'

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LA rising pop artist Haiden has released his new single 'You Don't Even Like Me' about the existential fear of being too flawed to be loved. The track is the second single from his upcoming sophomore EP, 'Choke on My Heart', out later this year on August 18th.

A 90s-tinged alt pop tale of brutal honesty, 'You Don't Even Like Me' sees Haiden coming to terms with a vision of himself. Speaking openly about the single, Haiden said, "For the first time, I very explicitly tell you how I see myself and question whether or not I'm too flawed to be loved by others." He continued, "Actually, it’s not much of a question at all.”

While Haiden’s debut EP got his foot in the door, his forthcoming EP sees him fully stepping through, delivering a fully-realised and wonderfully expressive performance. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is diving deeper into himself with a newfound vulnerability in his music. Using catchy pop melodies as capsules for deeper lyricism, raw emotion bleeds from the songs and illuminates his relationships, adolescence, and self in a new light.

Growing up in Southern California, Haiden was a self-proclaimed “serial hobbyist.” Music, however, was the one passion that shone through his other endeavors. In high school, he embarked on a science-heavy path, later studying aerospace engineering his first three years of college. Feeling unfulfilled, he transferred into The University of Southern California and moved to LA, ditching his STEM path for music industry courses. When his guitar playing was halted by the return of a childhood medical condition, Haiden began songwriting to fill that void, having his first string of viral moments on TikTok in 2022.

His 2022 racehorse single 'Sorry to Your Next Ex' has amassed over 15M global streams, driving his debut EP to surpass 25M globally to date. As his music continues to grow, so does his desire to connect with fans. Music has allowed Haiden to channel his emotions into a healthy outlet, and he wants his listeners to hear their own stories within his songs too. Coming off a successful US winter tour last year, he’s ready to hit the road again this fall.

Fans can expect more new music from Haiden ahead of the new EP. For more information on Haiden, be sure to follow him at the links below.

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