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Harley Luck - 'Stay'

  • 2 min read

Emerging indie pop-rock artist, Harley Luck, has re-released his debut single, 'Stay' under his new moniker. The re-mastered track was originally penned in Harley's bedroom during April of 2020, and carries the emotional weight of those early days of the pandemic. As the world grappled with isolation and uncertainty, Harley turned to music as a means of expression. This song, one of his earliest works, emerged as a testament to his songwriting and production skills.

'Stay' paints a vivid picture of the struggle to hold on to someone when the world was forcing everyone apart. The onset of the pandemic forced Harley to confront the reality of distancing from friends, connections, and a fleeting crush. Those two weeks of infatuation, coinciding with the pandemic's emergence, served as the song's primary inspiration.

Harley describes 'Stay' as a song that may seem like a heartfelt love ballad written by a 17-year-old, but it holds profound personal significance as a benchmark of his growth as an artist. He emphasizes his commitment to embracing change and personal evolution through his music, stating, "My songs are a method to verbalize the emotions that are difficult to express so that I can move past them and continue to grow."

Musically, 'Stay' incorporates a diverse array of instruments, prominently featuring guitars, drums, and brass instruments. The infectious instrumental arrangement mirrors Harley Luck's taste in indie pop rock music, with influences drawn from Harry Styles's album 'Fine Line'. While Harley took on the role of sole lyricist for 'Stay', he enlisted help for the instrumentation, incorporating loops from Splice while playing most of the guitar parts himself. “Something about this song that only I relate it with is Hawaii.” Harley expands “I had just gone to visit three days before lockdown started, so most of my songwriting had undertones of my experiences there. This song is super bright and energetic, and to this day I still think of Hawaii. I think having such a happy place in my recent memory during the initial period of quarantine helped me cope with everything going on, so Hawaii is always going to be special for me.”

The re-release of 'Stay' marks an exciting chapter in Harley Luck's musical journey, as he unveils his work under his new moniker. Harley Luck, a name chosen for its enigmatic and gender-neutral quality, reflects Harley's commitment to embracing his unique identity.

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