IRFXXN - 'Splattered Paint'

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A heart-wrenching anthem of love, longing, and the struggle to move on, IRFXXN's 'Splattered Paint; lands with raw, emotional lyrics, catchy pop melodies, and a unique blend of cultural influences. His second single, the song will leave you feeling an emotional rollercoaster of longing, heartbreak and ultimately a sense of hope.

Fans of international stars Khalid and French Montana will find a new favourite in IRFXXN. His masterful blend of pop, RnB and a touch of swing reminiscent of modern dancehall, is an instant mood lifter. 

IRFXXN, the rising Australian pop sensation, is excited to announce the release of his highly-anticipated second single, 'Splattered Paint'. With a debut single that has amassed over 240K streams in a few short months, IRFXXN has demonstrated the viral engagement from his fans. On social media, he has amassed over 1M views through engagement on TikTok showcasing his music. IRFXXN's music has received a constant rotation on radio through 96.1, and has been aired on IHeart Radio and Eat this Music. He has also been featured in over 22 articles, and fans are eager to listen to his next release, with followers already describing it as a 'summer hit.'

IRFXXN comments on the new release, “This song showcases a lot of my vulnerability, as it's not easy to say that you aren't ready to let go of something/someone but sometimes that's just where you are at in your life, and it's okay to feel that way.”

IRFXXN's traditional Fijian-Indian upbringing and values dictate his music heritage. His love for music can be traced back to childhood, where he would try to mimic his brother's vocal modulation as he recited religious prayers.

This release is accompanied by an extensive TikTok and Instagram campaign that will showcase IRFXXN's true nature of being raw and vocal with his fans. He wants to show the world that he is an advocate for authenticity and that his fans have made him who he is. The campaign will give fans an inside look into the artist's life and creative process, without the glam.

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