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Izakman - 'Yawning'

  • 2 min read

An award-winning and multi-talented Israeli Brit Rock musician and animation artist, Izakman has recently released his latest impressive single, capturing an acoustic sound that develops into a heartfelt meditation on the dread writer’s block. Titled ‘Yawning’ the single is an impressive re-introduction to Izakman, recapturing his layered, percussive sound and hybrid, multi-genre approach.

From his home studio in picturesque port city Jaffa, Izakman writes and composes all his songs, creating cohesive pieces that flow with true artist intent. Often compared by fans and critics to the pioneering vocal styles of John Lennon and David Bowie, Izakman takes the audience through simulated reality into the deepest realms of the soul with a wall of sound that spreads like a sonic kaleidoscope.

His latest single, ‘Yawning’ sees Izakman laying down a heartfelt acoustic foundation, layering it evocatively with flute and percussion layers, that have been skillfully added alongside a group of drunken sailors singing along to create a well-rounded track. With lyrics that transition between the opening Hindu mantras and stark poetic lines in English, ‘Yawning’ follows a central narrative of a stalled ship at sea, serving as a metaphor for a writer's struggle to find a way out of a creative block.

Speaking candidly about the track, Izakman added, “The song's introductory Hindu mantra serves to invoke Ganesh, a deity known to remove obstacles. The song combines the spirit of a country road trip and the psychedelic melodies of a Beatles-inspired Magical Mystery Tour.”

Growing up in an Anglophile home with roots from South Africa took Itamar on an incredible journey. The young Izakman graduated from the prestigious Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem, majoring in animation. His graduation film ‘A Night Without’ won the Best Animation prize at the Beliff film festival in London. After composing music for television and theatre, he formed his band determined to dedicate his heart and soul to music.

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