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Jacob Winthrop Music Co. – ‘I Took Your Word’

  • 2 min read

A talented performer who has taken over California’s West Coast with his laid back, indie rock style, Jacob Winthrop is an artist on the precipice of greatness. At just nineteen years old, he’s already shown talent and soul beyond his years, capturing hearts and minds with an intricate fusion of groovy backbeats, driving bass lines, and laid-back jazzy guitar chords, redefining the modern scene and producing a style that is uniquely his.

Under the musical brand of Jacob Winthrop Music Co., Jacob has started a journey that has built beautifully with each new release, and his latest, the brilliant ‘I Took Your Word’, he’s taken things to a whole new level. Backed by an intoxicating groove that is studded with quick, jabbing undertones, the new single takes shape with a confident air, offering authentic vibes and heartfelt truths that stand proudly for all to hear.

As crisp harmonies transport you to better days and thoughts of beaches, sun-kissed daydreams and cold drinks in hand, Jacob weaves his own magic through the lyrics, delivering poetic lines and heartfelt, often calling sounds that will tie your heart in knots.

Available now on all major platforms, and as part of our very own Spotify playlists, ‘I Took Your Word’ perfectly illustrates Jacob’s style. Check it out below via Spotify and be sure to tune in to some of his previous singles like ‘Stuck’ and the undeniable ‘Turning’.

A contemporary indie anthem that seamlessly stitches together mellow acoustic with rousing tones and sincere, yet confident vocals, ‘I Took Your Word’ is as close to a flawless single as you can get. The epitome of a breakthrough release, Jacob’s new single is the spark that will surely ignite his career, and if he’s not a national name by the end of 2021, then it’s only a matter of time.

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